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Saturday, 1 May 2010


This time it will discuss how to fix the broken windows either system caused by malware, viruses and the like or for other reasons with the Program System Repair Engineer (SREng).

System Repair Engineer (SREng)

System Repair Engineer (SREng) is a small program (less than 2 MB), portable and free (free) being developed by KZTechs.COM webmaster, Smallfrogs (has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Shell - in China from 2004-2008). The program is intended to detect common problems and system damage commonly caused by computer viruses.
For the expert level (advanced), this program can be used to detect and fix problems themselves. While for ordinary users (laymen), there are Smart Scan function to check the computer and generate reports (reports) that can be stored for further analysis and examined by someone more expert.
Even so, there are various features that can be used directly even though by most computer users. Here's the explanation some of the features and functions that can be utilized.

Boot Items

Displays a list of any programs or applications that automatically run when windows boot, either from the registry (including hidden items, UserInit and others), Folders, Scheduled Tasks, Services and Boot.ini. If you notice any strange programs (suspicious), then we can deactivate aktifkannya remove the check mark by it.
Once removed the check mark, then click the Refresh button, to ensure that the alteration has been saved. If you find that a check mark appears, or re-emerged a new list with other names, is a strong indication that the computer was infected with a virus or other malware (preferably computer / hard drive is scanned either by Bootable CD, portable virus scanner, Or move the hard disk on another computer and scanned from there).

System Repair

In this menu there are several separate functions, such as:
File Association
Displays the status of general files extensions such as. TXT,. EXE,. COM,. PIF,. REG. BAT,. SCR,. CHM,. VBS and others. If the status is not showing "Normal" or we can not run a file with one of these extensions, then we can fix by selecting the problematic file extension and click Repair.
Windows Shell / IE
In this section, we will see lists of windows settings (settings) that are usually modified / damaged by viruses, such as:
  • Menu Start / Run inactive
  • Registry Editor (regedit.exe) could not be opened
  • Command Prompt, wallpapers, Control Panel can not be accessed.
  • Drive not visible in My Computer
  • Log off button does not appear
  • Menu "File" in Windows Explorer does not appear
  • Icon on the desktop does not appear
  • Folder Options can not be activated
  • Search button (search) does not appear
  • Windows Explorer or in the system tray can not right click
  • To show hidden files (hidden files)
  • Various display the menu in Internet Explorer that does not appear
  • various other settings
To fix the above settings, select from the list and click Repair.
Browser Add-Ons
Displays a list of plugins / add-ons (additional features) that runs with a web browser used. We can see the detail information, conceal or remove the add-on is not desirable.
Hosts file is a list of host names and IP address mapping. For example there are the following lines: localhost
That means when you typing localhost the web browser will be mapped to the IP address For more information see
This file can be changed by spyware or malware so that when writing a particular web address is actually transferred to the IP address that is not true.
Winsock Provider
Will display a list of Windows Sockets API (Winsock), which handles network access problems, especially TCP / IP.
In this menu there are features "All Reset to default values", which can be exploited if the internet connection can not be run as before (performing) or when a sudden we can not browse, send email or other network operations, whereas a normal internet connection running.
But when the network connection went well and we can browse, send email or do other network operations, not recommended for the Reset. Learn more about Winsock
Advanced Repair
There are two settings in this menu, which is the Recommended Levels and Powerful Fix Fix Level. There are also buttons to Reset Winsock, memperbaki Safe Mode and Performing Scan API Hook (advanced).

Smart Scan

Smart scan will scan the computer to produce detailed reports about the computer system which can then be used by someone more expert to review and resolve computer problems.


SREng supports additional features that can be added separately (you can also make additional / plugins themselves). In Download Page SREng included a few plugins such as:
  • NTFS Streams Scanner, To check the NTFS format of the alarming data
  • Windows Shell Menu Manager, To set menu items such as windows shell menu when right click the desktop and others.
  • Sign Figital File Verify, Identify and verify the digital signature of a file.
  • Network Activity Monitor, To monitor activity / status of the network and provides detailed information about the connection.
One thing that may be somewhat less than was lack of help files (manual) who speak English, the language of China and that too is still discussing version 2.5. Apart from that, the program is very useful and can run on operating systems: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP 32bit, Server 2003 32bit, Vista 32bit, Server 2008 32bit.
Download System Repair Engineer


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